Friday, April 11, 2014

so... yeah,

we went to Orlando and I never got around to finishing that story.  I would have but 736 other things got in the way.  I guess the biggest thing going on right now is our new puppy, Archer.  We once adopted a dog, Eddie, from the SPCA.  He was a cute black and white dog that we brought home and he gave our other dog kennel cough and mange.  That's when I vowed to never buy an SPCA dog again, especially a black and white one.  Fast forward 10+ years.  On Saturday we adopted Archer, a black and white lab mix, from the SPCA.  This time I swear.  I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DOG FROM THE SPCA.  Everything was fine.  He was getting along wonderfully with Maggie and she was enjoying his company.  Wednesday I dropped him off at the SPCA clinic for his neutering appointment that was made at the time of adoption.  When I picked him up he just seemed a lot skinnier and out of it, which was expected.  He'd been fasting and was probably still a little out of it from the surgery.  Once we got him home to get some water, we weren't terribly shocked when he threw up all of his water.  But when he kept throwing up, red flags were raised.  I went and bought some Pedialyte, which he also couldn't hold down.  Everyone eventually went to bed and I decided to sleep on the couch so I could hear him in his cage.  Eric and I ended up getting him to the animal ER in Pearland around midnight.  They tested him and found out he had parvo.  Even though they offered us the doom and gloom statistics, we decided to leave him there overnight to begin treatments.  We came home and went to bed.  After crying about the dog, getting 2.5 hours of sleep and then setting my alarm for another 30 mintues, I was back at the ER at 7:30 with big, fat, puffy eyes to pick him up so I could transfer him to our vet.  I dropped him off yesterday morning around 9.  Our vet had a more positive outlook than the staff from the night before.  I called yesterday evening and they said he was doing "good".  I called this morning but the receptionist couldn't find a tech to get answers from.

Once I dropped him off, we had to clean the house with Clorox.  By the way, I hate the smell of Clorox.  We filled two yard sprayers with a Clorox/water mix and two of Eric's friends were out spraying the yard and everything back there while Eric walked around with a trash bag.  Yesterday truly sucked.  I was so ready for bed and I slept hard.  It was awesome.  It was one of those great sleeps where you wake up feeling wonderful and then you stop and realize "oh wait, there's drama going on"... I hate that.

Yesterday was also my last class of a series.  I missed it.  There's no way I could've made it to Houston and back with everything else that had to be done.  And even if I did, I couldn't guarantee I'd stay awake while it happened.

Anyway, that's one of the things that's been keeping me preoccupied. 

Now I need to tend to laundry.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Coke I put in the fridge an hour ago is cold enough for me to enjoy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

we decided that

Friday morning we would get up early and take advantage of our early entrance passes for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  That didn't happen.  But when we made it over there around 10:00, we waited in line for the HP movie ride.  So we entered the Harry Potter area and it was pretty cool.  I can honestly do without the rides but I really love the sets.  Everything looked so real.  I felt like I was in a little English village... or at least what the movies make me think a little English village would be like.  But it was the same in other parts.  I felt like I was walking through San Francisco in one area and I felt like I was walking through New York with people sitting on stoops in another area.  I would've been happy just walking around seeing all that stuff.

(On a side note, that it was I enjoyed so much about Universal in California, all of the sets and make believe.)

Anyway, so we get to the Harry Potter section of the park and it's cool.

 (I just realized the kid looking back in this picture is wearing an A&M cap.  That's funny since I never saw anyone representing Texas when we were there.)

The ride we were headed to is in the Hogwarts Castle, which is the school for anyone who doesn't know anything about Harry Potter.  But even when walking in line for the ride it was one giant Harry Potter set.  It was cool.

Then we got on the ride.  It was REALLY cool.  I can almost remember the exact moment I'd had enough though, it was right about the time a big flash went off and I figured they'd just taken our picture.  I sat there, being tossed all over in my seat with this movie being played all around me, focusing on not getting sick on the ride.  A few minutes later it was over.  I felt sick but it was FUN.  We exited, which leads you to the HP souvenir shop (like I didn't see that coming) and this is where pictures are picked up.  I picked up our $30 8x10 just because that was going to be our only picture of the three of us on the trip... or actually, probably in the last few years.  I considered it our family portrait.  That picture was funny because not only did it accurately portray all of us but it we were sitting in the order of intensity.  It's a little something like this:

SUPER INTENSE - Eric (looking down with his eyes clamped shut, holding on to his harness/bar like it was taking everything in him not to vomit)

INTENSE - me (looking up at something, half in awe, half terrified, with a death grip on the handle in front of me... almost predicting that 5 seconds later I'll be sick)

MILD TO ZERO INTENSITY  - Cosme (looking off in the same direction as I was, smiling with one hand casually laying across his bar while his other hand is off to the side holding onto his phone)

So we finished the ride and then went for lunch.  So let's see... it's Friday, during Lent and we're in the Harry Potter section of the park.  That means lunch is fish and chips, except for me because I CANNOT STAND FISH.  We got off the nauseating (but fun) ride and go to The Three Broomsticks (or something like that) and the smell of fish and vinegar almost do me in but I manage.  So what does someone like me order in a place like this?  Here's where the kids menu comes into play.

Macaroni and cheese, grapes and applesauce and I'm TOTALLY fine with that.

And since they didn't have any soft drinks in there, I opted for lemonade.  Go big or go home, right?  Eric, on the other hand, went with butter beer (a HP thing, think cream soda with butterscotch).

Whatever.  He likes it.  I tried making it at home last year but I'm pretty sure the park's version doesn't have butterscotch schnapps.

After that we followed Cosme while he rode his favorite roller coaster a couple of times and then we headed back to the room for a break.  (One of the benefits of staying there was we weren't stuck at the park ALL day but came and went as we pleased.)

I'll finish Friday later.  Right now I've got to get ready for a photography thing I have going on this morning in Houston... with 8 strangers.  Yikes.  Yes, I'm totally out of my comfort zone.  Strange place.  Strange people.  But once I go, I'll enjoy it and be glad I did... hopefully.

so about that first

day at Universal, we made it to the park and headed to "Springfield".  Well, it's an area of the park designated to The Simpsons and their town of Springfield.  Let me get something straight right now... I DO NOT RIDE RIDES.  I went to Springfield thinking we were going to get a Krusty Burger and donut.  We did... after they took me on a ride.  Well, it's not like a roller coaster, but a movie where your seat moves and you feel like you're in the movie.  I think it's a virtual 3D movie or something like that.  (Luckily, Eric's tolerance for rides is a little bit less than mine so I didn't need to panic too much... but I did.)  So we rode the virtual ride and then went for our late lunch.

My Krusty Burger

Our donut

and just to give you an idea how big the donut was (and this was after the three of us had attacked it).

After our meal we headed next door to Islands of Adventure so Cosme could ride a roller coaster.  One our way, the Blues Brothers drove by.  (And I understand these aren't the actual Blues Brothers.  I just wanted to get a pic because Eric's always liked the movie.)

A few minutes after we got there, I let them know I had to go back to the room.  I power-walked back to the hotel, praying that I'd make it back to our clean, private bathroom without any situations and the two of them went on as planned.  They made it back to the room and we spent the rest of the evening there.  After resting we ordered room service and passed out and it felt wonderful.

Oh, and in case you ever stay at that resort with your pet and you want room service, they've got you both covered.  (Which I thought was a little ridiculous but I guess a good idea for the people who won't leave their animals home.)

And that was Thursday.

Monday, March 17, 2014

so we went to

Orlando for spring break and it was fun.  We did a lot of walking.  Here are a few pics... for today.

It all started with the flight there.  I wasn't near as nervous as I have been in the past.  (I thank Cosme and all his small plane flying for that.)  Once we got on the plane, we each purchased Direct TV for the ride.  That REALLY helps my nerves.  If I can watch Food Network while sitting there, I almost instantly find my comfort zone.  I started off watching Frasier with Eric... until they brought me a set of my own headphones.

So halfway through The Pioneer Woman, I passed out.  When I woke up I had to hurry and finish my Coke because we were already descending.  (While I can't have anything to eat or drink before flying, I can have a Coke on the last half of the flight.)

See?  Lots of DEEP water.
And there's Florida!

Once we landed, we hopped in a taxi and headed straight to our hotel.  We stayed at the Loew's Royal Pacific Resort.  It's right there at Universal so we didn't really see a need to rent a car.

Here's a view from the drop off to the hotel entrance.

Here's a view out our window, overlooking the pool.

To get to the park we could either take a ferry from the hotel or walk around the little waterway.  Most of the time we walked.  Here's a view after leaving Universal and heading back to the hotel.

It was a really pretty walk with lots of greenery, unless of course you were walking under a bridge.

We got there around 2:00 Thursday afternoon so we headed straight to the park.  We were pretty tired that evening so we ordered room service.

Johnny Walker, anyone?  I'd say that's fair market value...  (in case that font is too small, yes, that's $220)  And the dinner menu wasn't much better.

On the plus side, the hotel did serve Coke products.  On the downside, a can was $4.00 plus 6.something% tax plus 22% service charge.  FYI, a 12-pack at Kroger is usually $4.00. 

Here's a view out the window one evening. 

That was our flight to and first day in Orlando.  More to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

i'm trying to understand

something I just read online.  I was looking up TSA stuff and I clicked on Transgender Travelers because I thought it was listed under the Prohibited Items and I thought that was really rude.  When I read that it was just a notice to transgender travelers, I thought that was pretty rude too.  Here's what United has on their site

So what is this supposed to mean?  Why do they need to comfort the transgender traveler?  What about me?  Do they think I enjoy the process?  While I do feel comforted by the added security, I don't at all feel comfortable going through it.  What happened to my "Special Considerations"?  I am a 41-year-old straight female who happens to be very modest (so modest I won't get a massage because I'm not taking my clothes off and ESPECIALLY not having someone touch me without any clothes on).  What happened to my feelings, United?  What about me?  And honestly, why are you calling out transgender people anyway?  Our society always makes such big deals about people not being treated equally and unfairness well guess what.  This is why.  If they're going to go out of their way to comfort one group, they better go out of their way to comfort me.

Thank you for listening to my morning 8:00 hour vent.

ps - Remember me?  I'll be back shortly.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

well yesterday

I got most of the carpet out in time for the garbage truck to haul away.  Now it's just a memory... a bad, dirty memory.

I sent this picture of Lucille to Mom and Lauren yesterday.  Look at that face.  I'm not mentioning any names but someone is bitter.  Now that the bed is gone, she is homeless and is living out of a suitcase... and playing the victim well.

Strat jumped up on the bench, hoping to make her feel better.  He started to lick her head.  All I could catch was her not having it and him jumping back. 

He knew better than to keep on and just left her alone, but wanted to stay near her in case she needed his shoulder to cry on.  He got comfortable right next to her suitcase and she reached over and bopped Strat on the head.  I think she just wanted to make it clear that although she is allowing him to sit near her, she is in no way accepting his comfort and sympathy.  He swallowed his pride and stayed by her side, just in case.

Wow, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one in the house who gets overly dramatic.  Superb performance Lucille!  I gave her a standing ovation then let her carry on with her sulking while portraying the victim that she is.

As for the guest room, I'm still working on it but might take a break today.  It's amazing how much stuff doesn't get done when I'm preoccupied.  Today I guess I'll focus on chores.

Monday, March 3, 2014

my email is

back up and running and that means I'm going to post a picture.  I mentioned my decision to turn the guest room into an art space.  Well, yesterday we got the bed moved to Brazoria and today I'm left with a bedroom with a bunch of junk, minus a bed.  So I took the first step and now there's no turning back
 and it's a little bit scary.  I know the carpet needs to be replaced but now it's for real.  It's not so much getting rid of the carpet that scares me a little but it's the fact I'm using this space for what I want and what if I should have left it the way it was?  It doesn't matter because it's too late now.  But you know what?  Tearing up that carpet is harder than it looks.  I had to take my jacket off halfway through that one little section.  (Then I figured it'd be a good time to take a break and share my progress.)  Heck, I'm even drinking water!  Now I need to find something to pull that little nail strip from around the room.  I think they use a crowbar on tv so I might look in the garage to find one.  If not, I'll have to figure something else out.

Oh, before I get back to the art space renovation, let me share a picture of Maggie from last week.  I brought her into the kitchen with me while I was making dinner.  If she only knew how little it would take for her to get loose.
Let's hope she never finds out.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

i was going to

post a nice picture of my last blueberry muffin… but then today got a severe case of the Mondays.  I guess the fact I only had one blueberry muffin left should have been a sign.

Let's see…
I went to heat my muffin in the microwave and it wouldn't get hot.

Then I figured I'd at least post a picture of the muffin with it's massive crumble topping but since Yahoo locked me out of my mail after not being able to change my password, I can't get the pic here.

I also had all sorts of foul ups with United Airlines this morning.  (More on that later)

I'm afraid to do anything else today.  I might actually need a second Coke today, and cookies.  A second Coke and cookies might help.

And now I feel a sinus headache coming on.

Want to ask me how the guest room conversion to an art space is coming along?  No change.  I need the bed out of there first.

So there's a brief summary of how Wednesday is starting out.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

so I had a couple

of things going on last week.  First there was my aunt's birthday.  What was supposed to have been my cousin getting her to the mall "so she could get her daughter a certain pair of earrings" and more of us being there to ambush her and her getting her ears pierced, turned into her finding out about it but still going to the mall and getting her ears pierced.  Note to self: don't be the one to bend over in the front when you're wearing a flowing blouse because that blouse will do just that, flow and make you look wider than you actually are with absolutely no shape and more like a blob.

And why was I even bending over?  There wasn't anyone behind me.  Whatever, I felt the need.

Now on to the big thing.  (Not that my aunt getting her ears pierced after 57 years wasn't a big thing but the next thing that happened last week really lit a fire under me.) 

On Saturday, I went to a class in Houston on alternative printing.  We learned how to do transfers onto different surfaces.  Not only was it my first thing to do with the Houston Center for Photography (we all know how I am with unfamiliar experiences and people and stepping out of my comfort zone) but this really got me motivated... maybe in a good way or maybe in an over-the-top way.  But first, here's what we learned.

We went out walking with an old Polaroid camera and took a picture and learned how to basically dissect it and put it on paper.  I wasn't impressed with my image and I would've gone with my first idea if I knew the words wouldn't have been reversed but I didn't.  Oh well, I still had fun.

We also had to bring several of our own images.  I brought this one I did on the photowalk from downtown and transferred it to wood.

And then there's my accordion player in Puerto Rico transferred onto vellum.  The vellum was super sensitive and hard to work with but I really like how it isn't perfect and roughed up.  I also like how it looks with the light shining from behind.

So.  How did that class inspire me?  Here's what it all comes down to.  There are a lot of things I want to try.  There are a lot of things I don't do because I don't want to drag everything out and then have to put it all away in order to get dinner ready and then pull it all out to finish, etc.  So, I've decided I am making changes to the guest room.  I never use that room because it isn't set up for anything or in a useful manner.  When we first moved in it was set up as an office with a bed but then it became more of a bedroom with speaker storage.  My first goal is to get rid of the bed.  I need to get it to Brazoria and get my 6' table from Brazoria to put in the bedroom.  If I don't have a sleeping solution by the time that room has its yearly guest, I'll get another air mattress.  (I mean I already have a trunk the mattress and bedding could be stored in.)  My next job might be ripping out the carpet.  I mean the stuff needs to be replaced anyway so why not just go without for a while and not worry about spills or anything.  And if I decide to keep this room set up as a workroom for my stuff and I'm better off without flooring, then it doesn't really matter.  See?  This is why I'm excited.  I have so much I want to try and I'll finally have a space where I can do my stuff and not worry about messes and being in the way.  So this is really all that's been on my mind lately.  And that's more than okay.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

we were going to

Kerrville last weekend because the weather wasn't ideal the weekend before.  Actually, I wanted to go to Fredericksburg but had to book a room in Kerrville.  Anyway, after I booked the room, I realized that was the weekend that the group that Mom volunteers for was having their annual fundraiser... and Lauren was going to be a participant in their chili cook-off.  Holiday Inn wouldn't let me transfer my reservation to another location but they would let me change the dates.  So I booked another room and our trip to Kerrville turned into a trip to Waxahachie.  We had a good time and even came home with an autographed Dallas Cowboys helmet that Cosme won in the silent auction.  A display case is on its way so now I just have to start figuring out a good place for it.

So we're back and I really should be doing a ton of other things right now but I'm not.  Here's one of the things I should be doing.

Cleaning the back porch.  Maggie has really worked her magic on it.  As I sit here and type this, the sun decided to come out.  So really, right now is the PERFECT time for me to be out there cleaning her mess.  I went out there earlier to feed her and got a couple of videos.  You see, I've been trying to work with her on "sit" and "down".  She does fine at the sitting but down isn't her favorite... but she's great at it in her cage.  So I got a couple of videos of her doing it this morning, out of the cage and on the back porch.  Check these out:

And if I sound really excited about her obeying, I WAS.

I better go out there and start picking up, as much as rather sit right here and visit.  Don't worry, I'll be back.  There are a couple of things going on this week.  One is a surprise for someone.  Even though that someone doesn't read this blog and probably doesn't even know this blog exists, I won't say anything.  Another one is a photography related class on Saturday.  I can't wait and I can't wait to try what I learn.  One more thing, I wish I had pictures of the pizzas I made yesterday.  They weren't anything unusual but I guess I was just really wanting pizza and they hit the spot.  I'll be sure and take a picture tonight after I try a new recipe.

UPDATE:  The porch is picked up and swept... dead snake and all.  (Yes, there was a scream involved.)  I was going to clean and scrub it but then I realized that Maggie ate the water hose.  Maybe another time...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

have you noticed

a trend with my eating?  Or shall I say my lack of eating out?  Honestly, we eat out quite a bit.  It's not ALL we do but we do our part in supporting the restaurants, especially on the weekends... and weekdays when it just seems faster and easier.  I've really been trying hard lately though to not eat out.  Yeah, there are some situations where it just works better but one thing I've noticed is when I do it once, it's so much easier to do it again.  It's quick and easy.  So I've been working hard at not doing it at all.  But, just as easy as it is to fall off that wagon, it's pretty easy to get into a habit of not eating out.  So if you think I've been talking a lot lately about the stuff I've been making and showing the food I've made, you're correct.  I have been.  Consider it part of my motivation tactics.  (And let's face it.  With all this nasty weather we've had, it's much nicer to stay inside and the heat from the oven/stove doesn't hurt anything.)

I'll confess right now.  We did have Pei Wei over the weekend and I almost gave in on Sunday morning when Cosme suggested tacos.  He also came home early yesterday because he was (and still is) a little under the weather and I know one of the best things when we're sick is soup from La Casona.  So, after I made my trip to Kroger, I stopped and picked up some lunch for him.  That's right.  I didn't get myself anything.  I was holding on tight to that wagon and came home and had a sandwich and I was so proud of myself.  Also, I almost made pizzas the other day but I was not feeling well at all and I knew lasagna would be easier on me.  Even though I felt like crap and Pizza Hut would be much easier and would even deliver a pizza and potato soup to my doorstep, I got the lasagna made and we've been eating on it since.

Speaking of that potato soup from Pizza Hut, we like it.  I've never made a potato soup that I've been crazy about.  Guess what.  I found one.  It is good, it is Eric approved and it was made in the crock pot.  Here it is

It really didn't need the cheddar cheese garnish on top.  All that really did was make it harder to eat. 

In case you're keeping score: Melanie - 2, Pizza Hut - 0

Now excuse me while I go heat up some lasagna for breakfast.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm going to share some of the new things I've tried lately, as well as some of the usual.  Last night I made Shrimp Jeannine but I don't have a picture of it.  No fear, I know I'll be making it again so I'll get it then.  I might just post it over on the Our Grandmothers' Recipes site... but I'll wait until I have the picture.

As for the other stuff, there was the white tail shoulder that Dad gave Eric.

I made it out on the grill and Maggie almost couldn't stand the wait... sad to say though, she didn't get any.  Eric left and took it with him.

Over the weekend I tried a new recipe.  It's a Graham Cracker Cake.  It sounded odd but looked good.
Ends up, it is good.  It reminds me of a carrot cake.

Next up were the corn dogs that Eric requested.  We both liked them and they weren't as near a pain in the butt as I thought they'd be.

Then there was the bread I made.  This one isn't a new recipe but it's simple and baked in a bowl.  Anyway, here is the Peasant Bread.

A while back I was on a sandwich kick.  Not just any sandwich, but the Deli Trio from Jack in the Box.  So lately, we've been making them at home.  Sourdough with pastrami, ham, muenster, kosher pickle slices, a little bit of ranch and grilled in a little butter.  I have a feeling I'll have another one this weekend.

Well, that's it for now.  I need to run to the store.  My macaroni and cheese is ready for the oven and now I need to find a meat to go with it.  I'm thinking chicken...

Chicken or not, I need to be at the church at 2 and I'm hoping this sinus/allergy headache pill doesn't knock me out.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

one word pretty

much sums it up for me right now.  Tired.  Wait, let me do that again.  TIRED.  Wait, that looks way too energetic and worked up.  How about this... tired.  Even better... tired.  It seems like I've been in the kitchen all day.  Oh, I wasn't in the kitchen after I put my bread in the oven because then I went off to iron.  I told Cosme that by the day I had, I was wondering if it really wasn't 2014 but 1950.

I woke up and made waffles and fried some baked potatoes I'd made yesterday, for that very purpose.  Let's see, I washed all those dishes and then started the made-from-scratch corn dogs that Eric had requested.  But before that I started some dough rising in a bowl, just in time for the dishwasher's heat to help it stay warm.  Once the corn dogs were done and the dough had risen, I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded while I let the dough rise in its two baking bowls.  I put the bread in the oven and went to iron.  I finished the bread and started to clean my shrimp for tonight.  I already had some asparagus in the refrigerator so I put that in a dish and it's ready to go in the oven.  I got out some risotto to make as well but all it took for me to put that back in the pantry were the words "in a separate pot".  Nope, not gonna happen.  If I need something else I'll just cut open one of the baked potatoes intended for breakfast.  During all of that, I've been trying to do photography stuff at the computer, which is at the table.  So yes, I have HAVE been in the kitchen pretty much all day.

On that note, I'm finishing dinner and going to bed early.

I'll try to come back in the morning and talk about food... and maybe the cats.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

in the last

week we celebrated a 20th birthday and had a couple of really cold days.  Oh and there was also an hour or so of flight time.

Here's Houston from the east side, towards the port/ship channel area.
The plants are breathtaking… not.

Here's another plane.

Other than that, there's not much going on.  All I've been wanting to do is lie around and I'm blaming it on the cold weather. 

I did manage to make it out the other day and buy a new rolling pin.  This time I chose one without handles, since the particles coming out of the handles are the reason I'm buying a new one.  I read the directions on the new one and saw I shouldn't wash it in the dishwasher.  Hmm.  Maybe that's why the old one is flaking out on me now.  Oh well, live and learn.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

my sweet tooth

came calling last night.  I ended up with these cream horns.

 Well, I have 6 horn molds and 6 cannoli molds so technically, they're not all horns.

I really like the way that works out.  I actually leave a gap on the cannoli molds, with dough wrapped at both ends.  So instead of the one huge tubed cream "horn" like I'd buy at the grocery store... if I was willing to make things simpler, I get a bunch of bite-sized cream "horns".  (Or two-bite sized if you're like me)

It's a win-win situation.  Now I need to take my pig-in-the-blankets out of the oven.  I can't decide with the theme for this post should be:

- How many ways can I create a doughy cylinder and fill it with goodness?
- How many times can I use and abuse hyphens in one post?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

one more thing

for today.  This was the other day.  My goal was to video Maggie doing her bunny hop.  She'd do it when I was about to throw the ball, she'd take off in the direction she thought I'd throw it and do a few weird hops in there.  This was me trying to get the phone ready to get her running off to hop but she got me first.

it isn't so much

that I've been neglecting the blog, it's just that there hasn't been a whole lot going on.

-It got really cold then got back to normal.
-I made a roast.
-Eric started a new semester.
-Cosme flew us to Brenham.
-I made chili.
-I didn't get a pedicure.
-I ate too many pickles and paid the price... twice.
-I made brownies.

I think that's about it.

On the animal front, I have nothing to show or tell as far as Lucille goes but as for Strat, his head makes a nice resting place for a cell phone.

I went out the other day to move and stack firewood.  Maggie was following me as I stacked it on the patio.  I knew deep down I was wasting my time but I went on and got them all nice and neatly stacked.  In the middle of it all, we took a break to play fetch with her ball.  I could tell that she got tired of playing and wanted to keep stacking wood because on the last throw, instead of bringing the ball back to me, she went and put it on the stacked wood.  So we started hauling and stacking again.  The next morning I had more stacking to do.

I knew she'd start taking it all apart.  These are just a few of the ones she pulled out.  Oh well...

Yesterday I had to go sit outside just to enjoy the weather.  It was 70 degrees, sunny and pretty awesome.  Maggie washed my hands for me.

Then she stretched out so I could scratch her.

(She's real thoughtful like that.)  I have a feeling there will be a repeat of that today because it looks like today's weather will be equally awesome.

For now I'll face reality.  I need to do laundry and more importantly... don't judge me... seriously, don't judge... but I need to take my tree down.  Yes.  My Christmas tree is still up and decorated.  There.  I said it.  I'm not admitting to being weird or lazy but I just like it there.  (But no, I haven't been turning the lights on because what if somebody drove by and saw them all lit up in the middle of January!  Can you imagine?  So I've just been enjoying it without letting the passersby think I'm that neighbor.)  So while it's fresh on my mind, I'll go start disassembling.  (sigh)  I have to admit though, this warm, sunny weather makes it a little easier to take down.  Spring cleaning, HERE I COME!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

one of the two photo-a-day

challenges I try to keep up with had an expected topic for today.  "A goal for 2014".  I shared my picture and I think it's pretty self explanatory.

I went ahead and added, since most of those people don't know anything about me, that one goal is to make more time for this stuff.  So first thing in the morning, I'm signing up for a really neat class I read about.  I'm pretty excited.  The only problem with me when this bug bites is that I'm tempted to clear out the guest room, carpet and all, and put a huge work table in the middle of the room.  I don't know how Lauren would feel about sleeping on a futon when she comes down for Christmas.  Actually, I don't know how I'd feel about getting rid of a bedroom and especially having a lot of stuff from Eric's apartment stacked up in there still.  It's settled.  I don't need the bedroom cleared out, I need a workshop out back with lights, central air/heat and preferably a half bath.  Now I need to wake up from this dream... and realize my options for a "studio" of some sort are either the dining table or garage.  For now though, I'll get ready for that class and try to find a starting point for all the ideas I have swimming around in my head.  Oh, that's another thing.  With all this excitement, my mind is going nonstop. 

Oh well, I'm going to take advantage of this nice, quiet day and go read or something.