Thursday, May 28, 2015

for the last week or

so there's been a lot of chirping somewhere near the front of the house.  The cats have been spending a lot of time staring out the front door looking for it.  They know it's there.  Yesterday I was in here on the computer and something was hitting the window.  It was the culprit.  When he realized he couldn't break through, he flew up top to figure out another way to get in.

Give up, buddy.

Now I have to get some stuff out of the refrigerator before I miss another Thursday garbage pickup.  It's not that I actually forgot it last week, I was just busy doing other things and kept putting it off.  Lesson learned.  After I missed it, I realized Monday was going to be a holiday.  Not sure about the trash pickup, I just put a few things out Monday.  Sure enough, they came.  Now the refrigerator is smelling a little past its due date so I've got to take care of that business.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

have i mentioned

that I went to Comicpalooza the other day and got autographs and souvenirs?  I got some things framed and on the wall yesterday, along with Eric's autographed guitar strap from Buddy Guy.

Now I need to get back on track.  Cosme was off on Friday so Friday felt like Saturday, making Saturday feel like Sunday.  Then Sunday felt like Sunday.  Then he was off on Monday and that felt like Sunday.  I convinced him to stay home yesterday since Harris county was in such bad shape with so much flooding, making Tuesday feel like Sunday.  But for some reason, I keep thinking today's Thursday.  Regardless of what day it is, all these lazy Sundays have messed me up and the house has definitely been in better shape.  I'm slowly catching up.  I was scheduled to count money at the church today but they called me at the last minute to cancel.  That threw me off because I had planned on being there and had pumped myself up for the money-counting mode and out of chore-conquering mode.  Now I'm just sitting here drinking a Coke, talking about all the things I need to be doing.  I'll regret this later.  Maybe I should do something about it.  Yeah, I guess I should.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

eric came home

from Comicpalooza yesterday.  We couldn't stand it.  We got dressed and the three of us headed back up there.  It was so cool and I'm still excited about it.  Every once in a while I'll say, "That was so cool.  Wasn't that so cool?"  Since my Comicpalooza high hasn't worn off, I'm sharing a few of the souvenirs we came home with.

My signed photo of Henry Winkler.
 Fact: he is VERY nice.

Signed underwear from Barry Bostwick.

Autograph of Patricia Quinn.

My DVD I brought to have autographed by Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell.

Notice how Barry Bostwick signed it.  "Be it."  THAT IS SO COOL.  Those are the people I wanted to see and they were some of the few there on Sunday and it all worked out perfectly and it was SO COOL.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

okay so

maybe I should add holidays to to that fine print of this month of posting.  Anyway, I got sidetracked on Friday with Eric going to Houston for Comicpalooza.  I thought about going on Saturday and I wish I had.  To keep it simple, there were three cast members from Rocky Horror Picture Show there.  Eric didn't see them but he let me know there ended up being a sing along with the three of them.  It was Magenta, Columbia and Brad.  How awesome would that have been?  ugh.  Oh well, I didn't make it but I did stay home and save money.  That's always a plus.

About five years ago everyone in the neighborhood got letters from the Lions Club, letting us know that for a specified yearly donation we could get a flag placed in our yard for every flag holiday.  Through the years it caught on.  I finally decided that we needed to do it too since just about every house out here had one up.  I made several phone calls and finally found the right person.  I told him we needed a flag because at this point we look like the most un-American house on the block.  He said no problem and he'd put our address down on the list and send the form to me in the mail.  I got the form, filled it out and went to write my check.  You know when you're almost out of checks and the last few in the book have different designs?  It's like the check reorder company wants to convince you to spend more so that every recipient of your check will know either that you like mountains or kittens or whatever.  Anyway, I wrote my check...

All of a sudden I felt like I was getting extra points in patriotism, making up for all those years we'd gone without a flag in our yard.  It was awkward but I sent it.  It wasn't as bad as walking into the liquor store wearing a Blondie tshirt while they were playing Blondie but it was pretty close.

So now we have a flag in our yard for Memorial Day and every other flag-flying holiday, just like the all the other Americans in the neighborhood.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

there are days

like Tuesday, days where I spray painted a pot and put flowers and herbs in it.

Then there are days like today, days where I have a bad headache and don't want to focus on anything.  Today's one of those days where I have to have Archer at the vet at 10:45 and then be at the church at 1:00 but I wish I could only pick one place to be and I would if I hadn't had to get a sub for the church for the last two Thursdays or even better, I'd cancel everything but Archer needs his heart worm/flea meds as well.  It's one of those days where I'm not motivated to do anything except sit here and write a few run-on sentences while I'm waiting for ibuprofen to kick in and consider taking something sinus related, hoping that might do the trick.  It's one of those days where I knew I should eat something because food always helps a headache but nothing sounded good so I ate a bowl of cereal and now I'm realizing I ate too much cereal and I just want to keep it down.  For now I'm going to try to get the few things done around here that I can while trying to fix this headache and get presentable enough to leave the house.  (sigh.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

this morning i

dropped Cosme off at the airport.  It was 4:30.  We left the house a little after 3:30 and I've been like a zombie ever since.  I came home and tried to sleep but I couldn't.  My eyes were heavy and I was ready but instead I watched tv.  I am not functioning at 100%.  I had to go to the chiropractor this morning so why totally commit to bed if I've got places to go and people to see?  Anyway... on my way home from the chiropractor I decided I wanted to try a new recipe for pancakes made with yogurt.  I bought the yogurt yesterday since they were starting to sound good.  (Seriously, I'm the last person to keep Greek yogurt on hand.)  I'll back this story up.  When I was taking EVERY time I take Cosme to the airport, he wants to stop for food.  I don't get that.  The last thing on my mind when I've got stuff to do (ESPECIALLY going to the airport) is stopping to eat.  So, not only was he wanting food on his way to the airport but he was wanting food at 4:00 in the morning.  I just really don't get it.  There's no way I can do that.  Honestly, my stomach will not let me.  Whether it's nerves, anxiety or whatever, I can't.  So, I made myself get dressed again and head to the chiropractor and on the way home (when I had no other errands to run and it was a solid 9:00), pancakes sounded good.

So I tried the new recipe.
"The batter will be thick."
You got that right.

"Spray your griddle with cooking spray."
So yeah, a tablespoon or so of butter.

And here's the finished product, minus the syrup.

It was interesting.  It wasn't quite done in the middle so I made another and after flipping it, smashed it with the spatula.  It was pretty eggy but I kind of liked it.  It's not a pancake I would want all the time but it was good for today.  Oh, I also used vanilla yogurt instead of plain.  Maybe the sugar from the syrup will help me crash for a nap... eventually.  In the meantime, those pajama pants are calling my name.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

i saw dark stuff

on the couch the other day.  At first I wondered if somebody sat in something then I wondered if, ugh, it was something from the cats.

Then I looked closer.

And noticed a print about the size of a dog's paw.  I realized that it was probably from the dogs, more specifically Maggie, when they got in the other day.  She's done this thing several times of running past the bar, circling through the kitchen and into the living room and over the back of the couch.  I should've been a detective.  Even if I'm not right, my theories are usually more entertaining.

Speaking of animals, no sign of the kittens today.  And I've even found takers for them!  Well, one at least.  Anyway, they haven't been back but I searched online and this is what they looked like.

No, I did not search "what did the kittens in my backyard look like".  I wondered if they were Siamese so I searched "Siamese kittens".  Sure enough, that's what they are/were.

Now I'm off to spray paint and wash clothes and get Cosme's suitcase ready for tomorrow.  (He's going to West Virginia in the morning.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

i need a break after

the weekend.  Well, I think there's still action to come but seriously...

Friday - the night before was the possum incident.  Fine, the barking quit and that was that.

Saturday afternoon - Antonio showed up to mow so I went to the back to pick up debris and firewood.  Walking to the stone patio, I smelled death.  "Oh, somebody must have dumped som... CRAP.  THAT POSSUM IS HERE SOMEWHERE!" I slowly looked around and saw flies and fuzz on the woodpile.  (Insert scream and run)  Cosme came outside to scoop it up about the same time Antonio was coming with his shovel too.  The smell was horrible but luckily I was wearing my locket with a drop of Young Living Oils in it.  Anyway, Antonio tossed it and Cosme asked him why he got rid of it, he was planning to cook it.  BLGH.  So after the mama was gone, Cosme used his shovel to scoop up the fetuses that Maggie had apparently ripped out.  TMI?  I'll stop.  Which reminds me, I need to clean the blood off the back porch tomorrow.

Saturday night - the dogs WOULD NOT SHUT UP.  I went outside Sunday morning and realized they were probably barking at the people wrapping the two houses at the end of the street.

Sunday - more barking.  I saw Maggie had torn the fence wire down and was basically trying to eat through the fence to get to the neighbor's yard.  Cosme changed the battery in her collar while I put the wire back in place.

Sunday (about an hour later) - CRAZY BARKING.  I looked out the window and saw a kitten on the top board (rail?) of the fence.  We locked the dogs up in the cage to get the kitten.  It hissed and climbed down the fence to the highway.

This morning (before the sun came up but after Cosme left) - CRAZY BARKING.  I got the flashlight and saw 4 eyes glaring back at me.  I got the dogs locked up. (do you know how hard it is to lock up two strong dogs when they've got a critter in view?  HARD)  I went back to the fence and found two kittens on the top rail of the fence.  They both climbed over the fence.  I know they had to have been dumped.  They are probably 4-6 weeks old, going by the size of Lucille when we got her and the vet saying she was about 4 weeks. 

Which reminds me, I need to get to the vet to pick up heartworm pills.  In the meantime, please make it stop.  No more critters.

Before all the dog chaos yesterday, we were catching up on dvr with Texas Bucket List.  It was too much and before I knew it, I was at Kroger.  About two hours later we had this

Cheeseburgers with bacon and green chile


Roasted corn (insert drool here)

I cut mine off into a bowl with butter, mayonnaise and seasoned salt.

I loved every bite and told Cosme I could eat roasted corn every day.  And when dinnertime came and there was still corn left, I fixed another bowl.  After throwing a quarter of it into the garbage, I corrected myself.   I probably couldn't eat roasted corn every day.  (But I do love it.)

Friday, May 15, 2015

the dogs were

going crazy last night so we had to investigate.  It was a possum... opossum, whatever.  When Maggie has a critter cornered, everything else is tuned out.  She is focused on the capture and nothing else.  She doesn't hear us calling her but when we come out, it almost inspires her.  We were on the back porch and she got it and came running to us.  Remembering what happened last time (when she brought the possum inside), I ran inside (yelling for Cosme to hurry) and shut the door.  I know she's proud of her catch and wants to show us but no.  I can't stick around for that.  I told her she was good and she'll have to accept that.  I haven't been out there this morning to see how it all ended but hopefully Antonio will be able to come today make any gruesome discoveries before me.  Here's a little clip from last night.

Now I'm off to do grocery shopping.  How about possum stew for dinner?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

look at me

over here posting all late in the day and stuff.  Oh well, it's been a busy day.  I had shopping to do!

I was on my way home from Brazoria and I passed that field again.  Today it was a little sunnier but the yellow still isn't as vibrant as it is in person.

I'm about to submit a picture for a different photo challenge.  I could take the time to explain but it doesn't really matter.  I do the one on a regular basis and it's strictly Instagram and FB but this other is a separate app created for this.  Anyway, today's "Do of the Day" is "When kids make you nervous".  That wasn't difficult.  Well, maybe it was because most people are posting pics of their little kids doing crazy things and I don't exactly fit into that category.  So this pic is of Eric's skateboard and the hospital bracelets from that night he decided to hang onto a car and fall off... I won't talk about it anymore but here's the pic I got this afternoon.

Now I'm off to do some party planning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

i was going

to take the dogs for their walks this morning.  I had my doubts since it's been raining so much and I know there are already slick spots in certain areas.  I don't even want to imagine Archer seeing something and me trying to hold him back and then slipping and lying there on the ground in pain while he turns his attention to me and starts with the licking.  So yeah, I had my doubts... but I decided I'd do it.  I went out to get Archer on the leash and was trying to get him inside but Maggie was fighting too hard to come in too so I said forget it.  I told them both that Maggie just ruined it for everyone.  So there.  No dog walking today and on top of that, I totally avoided the situation I didn't even want to imagine.  Instead, I had a nice, peaceful walk down to buy the newspaper and that was that.

Last night I made Shrimp Jeannine.  I've talked about it before but it's really good and so easy to make.  I made cheese grits to go with it but they weren't as thick as I'd hoped.  Oh well, I ate them anyway.

Now I need to decide what I'm going to make tonight and get to the store before the next round of rain comes.  I'm thinking carne guisada.  I'm also thinking it'll be a while before my fence can actually be installed.  I'm bummed and ready for things to dry out a little.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

it has been

raining all day.  It wasn't like this when I was stuck at home last week.  No, it was pretty most of the time.  I've had the car back for a little over 24 hours.  It's been raining (off and on) for a little over 24 hours.  We had a little break earlier but now it's pouring again.  Luckily I stopped at the store during that break and bought ingredients for dinner and dog food.  Unfortunately, the dog food is still in my trunk.  Oops.

I went to Brazoria this morning and on my way home I saw a field that is waiting to have portraits made in it.  So, whoever gets there when the rain lets up and before it's mowed, lucky you.  Here it is but the cell phone pic really doesn't do much for it.  There is so much more yellow than what the pic shows.

Ever have those days where people just get on your nerves?  I do but I'm too nice to do anything about it.  I know, "Melanie, why don't you just block those people or unfriend those people so you don't have to be reminded of what arseholes they are?"  Because.  That would be rude to delete or unfriend and I just don't have the heart.  So instead of turning my back on those people, I stick around and put up with it.  I really need to get over that.  But I probably never will.  Although, I find myself less tolerant of BS and self-centered people more and more so who knows.  Maybe one day I'll snap.  Cosme would often tell me I just need to say "no more mr. nice guy".  I could never say it without laughing.  He gave up.  Instead of being mean, I'll probably just keep coming back to this blog and complaining about having to deal with people who get on my nerves.  (You're welcome.)

Monday, May 11, 2015

last monday

started off bad and the rest of the week just kind of took note and followed.  One week later and it's amazing how things can turn around.  With last week's beginning of a FAIL on Cosme's inspection and a week of me being without a car, this week started with me picking the car up from the shop and getting a PASS on the inspection.  Attention to the rest of the week: TAKE NOTE AND FOLLOW.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and today is Cosme's birthday.  We did a lunch for both since Eric was home and made it easy by calling Chili's to pick up.  I looked at the menu online and went a little crazy with the appetizers, making my meal an appetizer sampler.  Before lunch we had cake.  (Makes sense... right?)  Anyway, Cosme requested a lemon cake so I made one.  (I don't know what's gotten into everyone this year.  Eric wanted strawberry and now Cosme asking for lemon?)  Anyway, he liked his cake so I was relieved.  (Tried a new recipe)

After some tv and naps, we picked up Chili's.  Sometimes excess isn't a good thing.  I ordered the fried cheddar cheese appetizer and for my sampler chose the sliders, chicken strips and fried pickles.  I was loving the cheddar cheese... too much.

I couldn't finish one slider or tender.  I did manage to put away a decent amount of pickles.  Then I felt totally sick.  Normally when I have too much junk or greasy food, a bowl of ice cream always helps settle my stomach.  So, I had a little ice cream.  I found something out yesterday.  When I'm settling my stomach with ice cream, it needs to be Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, NOT Blue Bunny.  That made everything worse.  "Hey Melanie, why don't you top off all that greasy food with really nasty ice cream."  Blue Bell needs to hurry back.  I can't handle Blue Bunny.  I guess I'll buy another popular brand next but I know it won't hold a candle to my beloved Blue Bell.

So here's hoping this week turns out better... and Blue Bell hurries back.

Friday, May 8, 2015

i'm stuck at

home today with no car.  Eric has his in College Station and Cosme has mine in Houston.  Not that it matters because there are so many things I could be doing right now.  You know those things you're always wanting to get done but something's always getting in the way?  It's funny because right now I don't feel like doing any of that.  The only thing I feel like doing is picking up Taco Bell and watching a movie.  Figures.

I was expecting a magazine in the mail today so I walked down to get it.  Now I don't feel like reading it.  What sucks is, it's a photography magazine so the more I look at it, the more I want to get in my car and go for a ride.  Isn't that usually how things work out?

And remember that app that made me get out of bed for pictures the other night?  I can't get it to open.  Figures... again.  I was really counting on that for some sort of creative inspiration today.  I guess it's a sign.  I'm just supposed to go make a sandwich or eat spaghetti (for the third day in a row) and watch a movie.  I'll watch a chick flick and eat a bowl of spaghetti.  That's exactly what I'll do... unless I lose interest between here and there.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

i can't

sleep so I figured I'd do tomorrow's post right now.  I was lying in bed playing Words With Friends and then I opened a photo app.  I read a prompt of "Grown-Up Things to Do".  Then an idea hit and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to jump out of bed and grab my camera... after I asked Eric if he had any cheap cigars lying around.  I went to the garage and worked on my idea.  Here it is.

I am happy with it.

Earlier today I was frustrated, just from all the car stuff and then people irritating me on top of that.  I came in here and grabbed my sketchpad to express exactly how I was feeling.  This is it.

Eric saw it when I was finished and asked if he could have it framed for his room.  So I signed it "Mom" with a smiley face.  I thought that finished it off nicely.

On a much lighter note, my bread turned out moist and buttery.

Now that I got some sleep, let's see what today brings.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

with all this car

stuff that's been going on, I decided one thing might help.  Homemade bread.  Okay, so it might not help anything but what could it hurt?  I take that back, every bit of it.  It could totally hurt my clothes fitting looser but it will totally help me feel better.  I'm all about comfort foods and I won't deny it.  For example, certain tv shows require a bowl of cereal while other shows require cinnamon or peanut butter toast.  Computer time usually requires a Coke, except for times like this when I opt for a Diet Dr Pepper.  Just like a long car ride is the perfect time for a Coke, bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a bag of cherry sours.  It reminds me of a time last year, driving around and running errands in small towns with my mom.  Every once in a while I'd point out certain porches that would be the perfect porch for drinking a glass of iced tea.  Some people might say I have a problem.  I say I know what I like.

Here's a picture of my dough that I believe already doubled (and then some) in size.
I guess it's time for me to go butter the bowls for baking.  Yes, I said "butter the bowls" and it makes the bread awesome. (DUH...)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

i'm not going to let

yesterday's car crisis get me down.  I dropped it off at the shop yesterday and this hiccup will soon be solved (and hopefully that'll be an inexpensive solution).  Today I'm going to brag about the things that are working out.  Well, they're basically the same things.  Home improvement.  I guess "improvement" might be a little harsh.  Let's face it, new flowers are just pretty.  Anyway, here are a few things going on:

1. Those flowers I just mentioned.  I bought pots and flowers and am hoping to have a little collection of prettiness going on before too long.  The short pot is snapdragon and the tall is gardenia.  The gardenia is going to get a few more things at the base for now, this is what I have.

2.  That fence I've been talking about for a LONG time.  I'm expecting an email today with all the details for me to send to the HOA.  It's not like they're going to deny it.  I mean seriously... look at what we have now.  (It looks worse in person.)

And speaking of how bad the driveway looks in this pic

3.  The other day I pressure washed the back porch (only to have paw prints across it an hour later).  I got carried away and tackled the front porch and walkway next.  It might not be a professional job but hey, it's better than it was.

Up next on my wish list is a walkway from the driveway, through the new gate and to the back porch.  I'm not expecting it next week or anything but eventually...

Monday, May 4, 2015

today is what

most people would consider a typical Monday.  It's just one of those days where things aren't going the way I'd hoped... also known as the best way.  It's car stuff.  More specifically, inspection stuff.  Sure, it wouldn't be as bad if I hadn't waited until the last minute but I did and here we are.  And yeah, things could be a lot worse but for now, I'm going to moan and complain about the crisis at hand.

I don't know much about cars but I'm pretty sure all this high tech stuff found in cars these days is the biggest pain in the butt.  Sure, it might make certain things more simple but if it wasn't broken, why'd they have to "fix" it?  Oh, so they could get more money out of us... that's right.  This whole emissions testing with cars gets me so worked up I don't even know where to start.  I have so many points I want to make.  I won't even bother.  All it'll do is get me worked up more and make me sound like I'm some loon building up a conspiracy theory.  (Hey, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... just saying.)  And while we're on the topic of emissions testing.  They've managed to find a way to eliminate the inspection sticker but we're still having to go through the same trouble, if not more to pay for the hassle of an inspection.  Sorry, I'll stop.  I'll just throw two words out there: Organized Crime.  Fine.  I'm done.  I'll stop.

Over the weekend I did realize something.  Promising to do a blog post on Saturday and Sunday is difficult.  Perhaps I'll revise my month of blog posts to add a line of fine print.
*Specifically but not limited to weekdays

Friday, May 1, 2015

i have no picture

for today without duplicating one I've already posted on fb.  That being said, I did post pics of two things I've done today.  1. I went to Mi Tienda and found a luchador mask I want.  2.  I went to La Michoacana and bought about 20 pounds of meat.

Wait, I do have a picture to post.  This is one of the sweets from the bakery at Mi Tienda.  It's basically a Hostess Cupcake on steroids.  (Yes, I already dissected it.)

I could really use a nap right now but I've got to get motivated and TCB.  Tomorrow night is the big Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight.  And for the record, I want Mayweather to lose.  Big time.  It's not that I'm a big boxing fan but I know when I want somebody to lose.  Mayweather needs to lose even if it's just for being obnoxious.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

want to know

a secret?  I was looking at paint today.  It's really no big deal because it's for the laundry room.  Still though, about 15 years ago I was asked not to pick out paint and start painting... ever again.  It's not like anybody cares if something gets painted but let's just say I'm not known for having the best judgment.  As much as I like an awesome shade of neutral drab, I've had some pretty drastic outcomes.  I know I've told this story many times before but I guess it all started when Cosme woke up one morning and the kitchen was a goldish color.  The color wasn't crazy but it didn't match the counter tops.  Easy fix.  Get new counter tops to match the new paint.  New counter tops installed and the gold still didn't match.  This time he went with me to pick out a color and everything looked fine.  He had his doubts about my ideas at that point but I think painting the living room walls with sections of brown might have done it for him.  Or maybe it was the green I selected for the old bathroom.  Or maybe it was when I decided to antique the old kitchen cabinets.  Either way, I was politely asked not to do anything crazy again... like pick out paint by myself. 

Anyway, we painted the kitchen and living room a couple of years ago and the laundry room was never done.  Sure, I could stick with the color we have on the other walls but why would I do that?  I mean it's the laundry room.  What would it hurt to be a little off and prove I can do it?

Here's a strip I picked up today.  The top two colors are too similar to what is already there.  I really like the third one.

But when I hold it next to the tile, I just don't know.  I could go with the darkest to match the grout but since the grout is just dirty, I won't do that.  (For the record, I wouldn't do that anyway since the laundry room is so small and pretty dark.)  And the longer I look at the samples, the more purple I see and realize I need a different tone of grey.
Or maybe... just maybe... I could paint it any color and then get new floors to match!  That would be nice but I think there are too many other things on my wish list right now.  Oh well, maybe I'll stop and pick up a few more colors before I do anything drastic.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

we haven't had

my grandmother's peach cobbler since about 2002.  We've tried them in restaurants but never found anything like hers.  One place came close (The Jay Cafe in Needville) but not enough to go back for more.  Anyway, I've been searching through recipes since probably 2007 trying to find it.  And then, one day last month, there it was.  I had been flipping through one of her recipe binders (for the 100th time) to compare the recipes she had with how I remember her making it and there it was, staring at me.  I know it's not the exact way she made it because I remember certain substitutions that wouldn't be listed in any of the recipes she has.  BUT... I found what I believe to be the base of her recipe.  I made it a few weeks ago and confirmed everything.  Again, it wasn't exact because I went by the recipe.  Now I'm on round two, after making a few changes that I know she made in the way I think she did it.  I doubt we're at 100% now and probably never will be but this is the closest we've had to her peach cobbler in 13 years and that makes us all happy around here.

Look at that.

Now for a little depressing news.  Although we never topped her cobbler with anything, I was in the mood for ice cream (probably because it's been all over the news lately).  Since Blue Bell has shut down production to clean up all that listeria mess they have going on, there isn't good ice cream on the shelves and we're having to use... Blue Bunny.  I feel so wrong just typing that.  It's like the hot sauce that's made in New York City.  Get a rope.  On the bright side, the cobbler was a little tart so the ice cream helped.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

just like I said

I came back for the second day.  And this time, my card reader decided to join me.

These were from the storm last week.

And when I was waiting out the lightning flashes, I was getting the cars going down the street.


Now I just hope the weather calms down and stays dry for a few days.  A week or so would be good.  Long enough for me to pressure wash the back porch and enjoy a few days without muddy paw prints everywhere.  I don't know.  It's weird.  I've not only been wanting to do the whole spring cleaning thing but some kind of a DIY bug has hit too... and I'm totally not the DIY type.  Well, I'd like to be the DIY type but I'm only lacking a couple of things: skills and patience.  Who knows, maybe this will be The Spring of Melanie.  Probably not but it has a nice ring to it, in a far fetched sort of way.  Ready, Set, Go.

Monday, April 27, 2015

I've been a horrible

horrible blogger and I blame it all on social media.  Social media makes it so easy to forget about the blog because everybody is updated on everybody else instantly.  Photos? Straight to social media.  Seeing a movie?  Straight to social media.  Have a headache?  Straight to social media.  You love God and the only way to prove it is to share a picture and say "Amen"?  Straight to social media.  Social media can be great.  On the other hand, social media can be awful.  Sometimes it's possible to have too much of a good thing.  Sometimes I just need a break BUT I CAN'T TAKE A BREAK BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE BREAKING NEWS.  Ugh.  There's no winning here.  So for the sake of the blog, I'm sharing pictures that I already shared on social media.  And starting today, April 27, 2015, I will make it to my computer to post everyday for the next month.  (By then I'll be back in the habit, right?)  And if I don't follow through... well, I don't follow through.  So, here are a few pictures from a pretty severe storm we had last week.  I waited for the hail and rain to pass before I went out to the driveway to get lightning in the distance.

And then there are those days when my card reader is having a case of the Mondays and I can't post the pic. 

On that note, I'll return tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

i found a recipe

yesterday for a lemon blueberry bread and made it.  Enter the Imperfect 365 challenge.  This was the mess I made.

I don't think Cosme enjoyed it as much as I did... or, am.  I didn't put as much lemon in the bread as the recipe called for because I'd rather focus my attention on the blueberries.  But I did add the lemon glaze over the warm bread.  I think I need a piece now.  Maybe I'll wait until after dinner.

Monday, January 12, 2015

want to know

the good thing about an imperfect photo challenge?  There's no screwing up or letting anybody down when you miss a day (or three)... except yourself.

Here's my picture from yesterday.  It's Lucille.  I'm sorry but it's been too cold and wet and I'd rather spend my time inside.

In other news, I have been sticking with my non-resolutions for the new year.  TCB.  An example of one is the Lens Captured site.  I've made changes and am using my name.  You know, no longer hiding behind a DBA.  Now I'm just me.

Plain and simple, just the way I like things.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

i made it

to Shipley for kolaches first thing this morning.  I've got the picture to prove it... Imperfect 365 challenge for you here

FYI, I wasn't about to get out of the car.  This was turning into the drive-thru while I stayed in the warm car with my fuzzy slippers on.

Now I have to convince myself to take the Christmas stuff down.  I guess I at least need to start on it.  Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and get it all done today.  I doubt it but maybe...

Monday, January 5, 2015

today is pretty

much an uneventful day, unless you want to count going to Walmart, Kroger and Target as eventful.  I did make a cheesecake and will make some alfredo sauce with chicken and pasta shortly.  I did some laundry this morning and will wash my hair later on.  I did get popcorn stuck in my teeth earlier and it wasn't a good feeling... at all.  And I just finished a ham sandwich.  Which is where my Imperfect365 challenge comes into play.  Here it is

Uneventful days can be a good thing... except for when you're participating in photo challenges.  I didn't even want to go outside to find something to take a picture of.  It's chilly.  I'm already wearing a flannel shirt and have a space heater going next to me.  (Yes, we have central heat but I stay colder than everybody else so in MY activity room there will be a space heater... for now.)

Anyway, in the middle of all my unevents, I'm still doing a little spring cleaning on my website.  I'm working on things and just trying to TCB.

So, it's hasta la vista for now while I try to get back into my spring cleaning mode (key word being "try").  And by the way, if tomorrow is just as uneventful as today, I'll try to jazz up my lunch plate a little.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

i can't believe

my last post was on Thanksgiving.  Well, I can.  Let me rephrase that.  I can't believe it's already January 4th.  I'm not one for resolutions because let's face it, I don't follow through.  I either get preoccupied or bored or preoccupied because I was bored.  So, I won't call this a resolution for the new year but I'll just call it a few things I'm trying to change and/or get better with.

1.  I updated my picture on my website's "About" page.  I don't have long hair with blonde highlights anymore.  See?
Cosme took it.

2.  I found another photo challenge.  This is different.  I'm doing this one with my camera instead of my phone.  It's an Imperfect 365.  That means it's okay if I can't get to it today.

3.  The photo challenge means I'll end up sharing the images here.  So maybe I'll drop in a little more frequently.  I wouldn't count on EVERY SINGLE DAY but I'll try.

Speaking of which, here's today's picture.

This is my laptop and card reader.  I took a picture of this because that's something else I need to start paying more attention to.  Starting now.

Now I'm going to go back to the game to see if the Cowboys decided to start playing.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

today is

Thanksgiving and I was really worried about how it'd turn out.  Everything ended up fine but I was SERIOUSLY doubting it all.  You know that whole "if something can go wrong, it will"?  Here's the rundown of each dish... yes, EACH dish, in the order of their prep and the story behind it. 

Broccoli and rice casserole.  I started this Tuesday night.  I had my broccoli in the microwave while my rice was cooking.  I noticed the broccoli was brown so I diagnosed it as freezer burn and threw it out (into the garbage that was picked up earlier that afternoon and won't be picked up again until Monday since today's a holiday).  I couldn't run to the store since the rice was cooking so I figured I'd go ahead and saute my onion, celery and mushrooms.  oops, I forgot mushrooms.  The rice finally finished.  Did I mention I cooked it wrong and it was a little tough in spots?  Oh well, the casserole still had to bake so I figured that'd do it.  I made it to the store for more broccoli and mushrooms.  The casserole finally finished, but the rice was still questionable.

Wednesday morning I started on the rest, after I ran my errands and helped count money at the church.

Sweet potato casserole.  Everything was fine with it until I realized I forgot half of the melted butter in the crumble top.  I scooped as much crumble as I could off and drizzled a little melted butter over what was left while finishing off the removed crumble with the forgotten butter.  It was taking a while to cook but when it was finally done, the edges looked a little overcooked while the crumble looked like less of a crumble and more of a... I don't know, moist crumble?  Whatever.  It was done and I wasn't going back to the store.

Corn casserole.  Total flop.  It went straight to the garbage.

I scrambled and found a recipe for a potato casserole made with hash browns.  I think it might have been my favorite.

Pecan pie.  I followed the recipe but wondered if maybe I should have added more pecans.  It wasn't the prettiest but I can't stay away from it.

Apple pie.  Easy enough.  It was frozen and all I had to do was bake and add the crumble topping.

Turkey.  Turned out pretty good, I guess.  I didn't eat any.  I just eat the ham.  But, I did get sidetracked when I put it in the oven because 1) I was operating on three hours of sleep and 2) I was excited about a Black Friday deal I was in the middle of getting and... I left the refrigerator door open and realized it three hours later.  But the turkey was fine and already in the oven, along with the plastic package of innards I left in last time.  WHY DON'T THEY PUT IT WHERE I CAN FIND IT???

Ham.  It was fine, except the part where the juices leaked out into the oven and started burning.

Green bean casserole.  I didn't have french style and had to use cut.  No biggie.

Gravy.  I just use a jar of Heinz.  I know I bought two jars of it a few weeks ago but they were nowhere to be found.  I had one can... that expired November of 2013.  I had to run to Walmart for gravy.  There wasn't any turkey gravy so I had to buy two things of chicken gravy.  I got home and realized I had a thing of chicken and a thing of beef.  They got combined and all the gravy eaters ate it.

Stuffing.  It was Stove Top and couldn't have been easier and none of the stuffing eaters complained.

Cranberry sauce.  It slid out of the can SO easily.

Rolls.  Straight from the freezer and done in 10 minutes.

Wine.  Went down pretty quickly after all of that.

I wasn't tired when I started typing this but reliving it all has hit me hard.  I think I might be ready for bed now.

Monday, November 17, 2014

i was without

my car for a couple of weeks.  My fuel pump went out... in the Kroger parking lot.  That was awesome.  Long story short, it's fixed and that makes me happy.

In other news, I can't wait for this week to be over.  Did I just think that?  Not only is there a funeral this week, there will be people I don't care to see this week.  On the other hand, when this week is over, that means it will be the week of Thanksgiving and I don't really know if I'm ready for that.  Okay, instead of skipping ahead, can we back up?  Can we back up a week or two?  Let's make that one week because Eric was sick the week before that.  But last week... yeah.  Last week was awesome.  I was getting my stuff taken care of and it was about me.  It sucks not having a vehicle to be able to jump and go but it's also awesome.  I stayed home and TCB.  Like I said, it was all about me.  So last week made me realize something.  I need more time that's all about me.  I know people won't get it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  When someone doesn't work, everyone assumes they have nothing to do and are sitting waiting for something to do.  Wrong.  I was so on top of my stuff last week.  You know why?  I was stranded and couldn't take on anything else.  (Not that I'm wishing to be without my car again... let's get that jinx out of the way real quick.)

So, other than being back to functioning normally, here are a few things that have been going on:
 - my Christmas tree is up and there are a few presents under it
 - I threw my tree skirt in the garbage this morning because Lucille threw up on it, missing any presents 
 - the cats are driving me nuts
 - I ordered and received film for the Polaroid camera, a roll of color and a roll of black and white
 - I need to order more film for the Polaroid camera (and btw, that stuff costs a lot more than it did in the 80's)
 - I'm probably making banana bread today or tomorrow
 - I'm probably eating several loaves of banana bread today or tomorrow

That's about it.  Here are a couple of Polaroids of the cats.  I know they're not good but you try using a Canon digital for years and then using a Polaroid after not using one for 20+ years.