Tuesday, January 13, 2015

i found a recipe

yesterday for a lemon blueberry bread and made it.  Enter the Imperfect 365 challenge.  This was the mess I made.

I don't think Cosme enjoyed it as much as I did... or, am.  I didn't put as much lemon in the bread as the recipe called for because I'd rather focus my attention on the blueberries.  But I did add the lemon glaze over the warm bread.  I think I need a piece now.  Maybe I'll wait until after dinner.

Monday, January 12, 2015

want to know

the good thing about an imperfect photo challenge?  There's no screwing up or letting anybody down when you miss a day (or three)... except yourself.

Here's my picture from yesterday.  It's Lucille.  I'm sorry but it's been too cold and wet and I'd rather spend my time inside.

In other news, I have been sticking with my non-resolutions for the new year.  TCB.  An example of one is the Lens Captured site.  I've made changes and am using my name.  You know, no longer hiding behind a DBA.  Now I'm just me.

Plain and simple, just the way I like things.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

i made it

to Shipley for kolaches first thing this morning.  I've got the picture to prove it... Imperfect 365 challenge for you here

FYI, I wasn't about to get out of the car.  This was turning into the drive-thru while I stayed in the warm car with my fuzzy slippers on.

Now I have to convince myself to take the Christmas stuff down.  I guess I at least need to start on it.  Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and get it all done today.  I doubt it but maybe...

Monday, January 5, 2015

today is pretty

much an uneventful day, unless you want to count going to Walmart, Kroger and Target as eventful.  I did make a cheesecake and will make some alfredo sauce with chicken and pasta shortly.  I did some laundry this morning and will wash my hair later on.  I did get popcorn stuck in my teeth earlier and it wasn't a good feeling... at all.  And I just finished a ham sandwich.  Which is where my Imperfect365 challenge comes into play.  Here it is

Uneventful days can be a good thing... except for when you're participating in photo challenges.  I didn't even want to go outside to find something to take a picture of.  It's chilly.  I'm already wearing a flannel shirt and have a space heater going next to me.  (Yes, we have central heat but I stay colder than everybody else so in MY activity room there will be a space heater... for now.)

Anyway, in the middle of all my unevents, I'm still doing a little spring cleaning on my website.  I'm working on things and just trying to TCB.

So, it's hasta la vista for now while I try to get back into my spring cleaning mode (key word being "try").  And by the way, if tomorrow is just as uneventful as today, I'll try to jazz up my lunch plate a little.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

i can't believe

my last post was on Thanksgiving.  Well, I can.  Let me rephrase that.  I can't believe it's already January 4th.  I'm not one for resolutions because let's face it, I don't follow through.  I either get preoccupied or bored or preoccupied because I was bored.  So, I won't call this a resolution for the new year but I'll just call it a few things I'm trying to change and/or get better with.

1.  I updated my picture on my website's "About" page.  I don't have long hair with blonde highlights anymore.  See?
Cosme took it.

2.  I found another photo challenge.  This is different.  I'm doing this one with my camera instead of my phone.  It's an Imperfect 365.  That means it's okay if I can't get to it today.

3.  The photo challenge means I'll end up sharing the images here.  So maybe I'll drop in a little more frequently.  I wouldn't count on EVERY SINGLE DAY but I'll try.

Speaking of which, here's today's picture.

This is my laptop and card reader.  I took a picture of this because that's something else I need to start paying more attention to.  Starting now.

Now I'm going to go back to the game to see if the Cowboys decided to start playing.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

today is

Thanksgiving and I was really worried about how it'd turn out.  Everything ended up fine but I was SERIOUSLY doubting it all.  You know that whole "if something can go wrong, it will"?  Here's the rundown of each dish... yes, EACH dish, in the order of their prep and the story behind it. 

Broccoli and rice casserole.  I started this Tuesday night.  I had my broccoli in the microwave while my rice was cooking.  I noticed the broccoli was brown so I diagnosed it as freezer burn and threw it out (into the garbage that was picked up earlier that afternoon and won't be picked up again until Monday since today's a holiday).  I couldn't run to the store since the rice was cooking so I figured I'd go ahead and saute my onion, celery and mushrooms.  oops, I forgot mushrooms.  The rice finally finished.  Did I mention I cooked it wrong and it was a little tough in spots?  Oh well, the casserole still had to bake so I figured that'd do it.  I made it to the store for more broccoli and mushrooms.  The casserole finally finished, but the rice was still questionable.

Wednesday morning I started on the rest, after I ran my errands and helped count money at the church.

Sweet potato casserole.  Everything was fine with it until I realized I forgot half of the melted butter in the crumble top.  I scooped as much crumble as I could off and drizzled a little melted butter over what was left while finishing off the removed crumble with the forgotten butter.  It was taking a while to cook but when it was finally done, the edges looked a little overcooked while the crumble looked like less of a crumble and more of a... I don't know, moist crumble?  Whatever.  It was done and I wasn't going back to the store.

Corn casserole.  Total flop.  It went straight to the garbage.

I scrambled and found a recipe for a potato casserole made with hash browns.  I think it might have been my favorite.

Pecan pie.  I followed the recipe but wondered if maybe I should have added more pecans.  It wasn't the prettiest but I can't stay away from it.

Apple pie.  Easy enough.  It was frozen and all I had to do was bake and add the crumble topping.

Turkey.  Turned out pretty good, I guess.  I didn't eat any.  I just eat the ham.  But, I did get sidetracked when I put it in the oven because 1) I was operating on three hours of sleep and 2) I was excited about a Black Friday deal I was in the middle of getting and... I left the refrigerator door open and realized it three hours later.  But the turkey was fine and already in the oven, along with the plastic package of innards I left in last time.  WHY DON'T THEY PUT IT WHERE I CAN FIND IT???

Ham.  It was fine, except the part where the juices leaked out into the oven and started burning.

Green bean casserole.  I didn't have french style and had to use cut.  No biggie.

Gravy.  I just use a jar of Heinz.  I know I bought two jars of it a few weeks ago but they were nowhere to be found.  I had one can... that expired November of 2013.  I had to run to Walmart for gravy.  There wasn't any turkey gravy so I had to buy two things of chicken gravy.  I got home and realized I had a thing of chicken and a thing of beef.  They got combined and all the gravy eaters ate it.

Stuffing.  It was Stove Top and couldn't have been easier and none of the stuffing eaters complained.

Cranberry sauce.  It slid out of the can SO easily.

Rolls.  Straight from the freezer and done in 10 minutes.

Wine.  Went down pretty quickly after all of that.

I wasn't tired when I started typing this but reliving it all has hit me hard.  I think I might be ready for bed now.

Monday, November 17, 2014

i was without

my car for a couple of weeks.  My fuel pump went out... in the Kroger parking lot.  That was awesome.  Long story short, it's fixed and that makes me happy.

In other news, I can't wait for this week to be over.  Did I just think that?  Not only is there a funeral this week, there will be people I don't care to see this week.  On the other hand, when this week is over, that means it will be the week of Thanksgiving and I don't really know if I'm ready for that.  Okay, instead of skipping ahead, can we back up?  Can we back up a week or two?  Let's make that one week because Eric was sick the week before that.  But last week... yeah.  Last week was awesome.  I was getting my stuff taken care of and it was about me.  It sucks not having a vehicle to be able to jump and go but it's also awesome.  I stayed home and TCB.  Like I said, it was all about me.  So last week made me realize something.  I need more time that's all about me.  I know people won't get it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  When someone doesn't work, everyone assumes they have nothing to do and are sitting waiting for something to do.  Wrong.  I was so on top of my stuff last week.  You know why?  I was stranded and couldn't take on anything else.  (Not that I'm wishing to be without my car again... let's get that jinx out of the way real quick.)

So, other than being back to functioning normally, here are a few things that have been going on:
 - my Christmas tree is up and there are a few presents under it
 - I threw my tree skirt in the garbage this morning because Lucille threw up on it, missing any presents 
 - the cats are driving me nuts
 - I ordered and received film for the Polaroid camera, a roll of color and a roll of black and white
 - I need to order more film for the Polaroid camera (and btw, that stuff costs a lot more than it did in the 80's)
 - I'm probably making banana bread today or tomorrow
 - I'm probably eating several loaves of banana bread today or tomorrow

That's about it.  Here are a couple of Polaroids of the cats.  I know they're not good but you try using a Canon digital for years and then using a Polaroid after not using one for 20+ years.

Friday, November 7, 2014

last weekend

I went on a Capture Crawl (aka photo walk) with a Houston group I'm a member of.  This was my first actual outing with them and I had a fun time.  We went to a Day of the Dead Festival.  Basically, there's a group of people with cameras, walking around taking pictures of stuff.  A couple of days ago I joined the fb group for the people who go on the crawls.  So it's a place to talk and post pictures.  I haven't worked up the nerve to post anything yet.  Since I'm so scared, I thought I'd start small and "privately".  Here are a few I took.  (Some of these might eventually make it to the page and some more than likely won't.)

I'm not totally impressed with my images but it did get me pumped up about wanting to do more.  I'm really going to try and make it out to Brazos Bend this weekend or maybe somewhere else, I don't know.  In related news, I've ordered two packs of film for the old Polaroid.  I can't wait for them to get here.  On the downside, those packs are 8 pictures each and about $25 a pack so messing up would really suck.  On the upside, I know where to get film now and I have a lot of ideas.

Monday, November 3, 2014

we had a lot

of fun on Halloween but I'll talk about that later.  For now, I have to talk about Maggie's favorite thing to do.  Chase dragonflies.

A dragonfly has been spotted.
(Archer's in the picture too.  He's the black dog in the shade.)  And how do you like my unburied wire fence?  I have my reasons for not wanting it buried.

Get it!

I really wish I would've gotten these with my camera instead of my phone.  Maybe next time... there WILL be a next time.  I think I enjoy watching as much as she enjoys trying to get them. 

Every once in a while Archer will help out but Maggie's a little more obsessed with it.  To honor her obsession, I made a meme for her.

We also will let the dogs sleep in their cage inside at night, to keep them from barking.  Here's a picture we got of them the other day.  If Archer doesn't look comfortable, I don't know what does.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

last night as

I was sitting here on the computer, just looking around, I got the sudden urge to drive around and take a few pictures.  I probably would have gotten more had I not been alone but I just felt like going for a nighttime drive, getting some of the lights around small town Texas, USA.  As soon as I got in the car I realized my camera battery was low.  Oh well, I decided to drive until it died... or until I got tired.  (Guess what happened first.)

To mark my one year anniversary of no posts on the website's blog, I've shared a few pictures over there.  CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Here are a few more that aren't over there.

I don't really understand "H-Town".  We're in A-Town and the closest H-Town I think is technically a village, other than Houston being about 30-45 minutes away.  I mean A-Town is our county seat and the county jail is here too...

Ahh, memories... some really bad memories but at least it's in the past.

An A-Town church.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

and just in

time, I got the second print framed.  Here it is

Bluebonnets.  My only concern was the double mat.  I was really hoping for a single to be more like the other print but I didn't have time for custom so had to get one off the shelf.

And I got them both signed.  So now they're signed, sealed and about to be delivered... after I go... GET A NEW PHONE!!!

Anyway, here they are together and now I need to get dressed and head to Radio Shack.
(Ignore the fancy setup I have going on.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

i said i'd be

back with a photo or two to share... and here I am.  My second print didn't arrive Saturday, as USPS predicted, but I did pick up the first one from Michaels.  So, if you'd like to support a cousin of mine, who on top of needing help with medical bills for a surgery was also diagnosed with cancer, you can come out to his benefit in Damon, TX and bid on one of the auction items, my print included.

Here's the first one

I really like how the brown mat turned out and the orange one looked really good too.  But... even though I didn't go to Texas A&M, I lived there while my parents attended and my son is there right now visiting his girlfriend who is also attending and let's face it, where I grew up, the orange wasn't acceptable, ESPECIALLY on a framed print of those particular animals.  So, I know this print will only go to a purchaser of 1) a certain decor or 2) a loyal supporter of my cousin but either way, it's way classier for not having the orange mat.

Speaking of animals, we installed an electric fence this weekend.  It's not totally finished.  I still need to bury the wire at the gates but it's attached to our wooden fence around the yard and the circuit is complete.  Training began yesterday.  It's tricky because we only have one collar since the one I picked up from Home Depot either isn't compatible or simply a POS.  Cosme took the dogs around the yard yesterday on their leashes, taking turns with the special collar while I held the other one and kept it entertained.  It took one zap and Archer won't go near the fence, even without the collar.  I would say there's a light at the end of the tunnel of progress but I'd hate to jinx everything.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

in recent years

I've noticed that I get more and more intolerant of BS.  I place blame as such: 1/4 getting older, 1/4 social media, 1/2 people.

I've heard people complain about getting meaner with age but is it a proven fact?  I don't know.  I don't think I'm really getting to be a mean person but I think so many years of being a pushover and putting up with everybody else's BS is finally catching up and I'm skimming the surface of my breaking point.  Enter social media.  I'm reminded of the little things that some people do that really annoy me.  I'll stop here.  I typed more but deleted it and decided to not sound so bitter.  I mean let's face it, some people can't help being selfish or inconsiderate or whatever a good word is for being a waste of my time and energy.

Did you see that?  Am I turning over a new leaf?  Probably not but right now I'm letting it go.

Eric's going up to College Station this weekend and he's taking his dog with him.  Now that our yard has cinder blocked exit holes scattered along our fence, I bought an electric fence.  I had our yard guy fill in holes with dirt after I lined the bottom of sections with some kind of rolls of wire fencing.  Leave it to Archer to dig another hole.  I'm done.  I don't care difficult it might be, the electric fence is being delivered today and I will probably be installing on Saturday.  Next up on the list: a collar to stop his barking.  But, until that fence is up and working, Archer will go with Eric.  Did anyone ever think Maggie would be the dog getting into less trouble?  I'm going to place blame again.  This time it's parvo.  If Archer hadn't been parvo stricken, he wouldn't have spent all that time inside and in the front yard.  Guess where he wants to be?  Inside and in the front yard.

Wow.  Anybody need blame placed today?  I'm on a roll.

I still don't have any pictures to share.  I've been too busy but I will share a couple in a few days.  I have a cousin who has a lot of medical bills and there is a benefit coming up to help raise money.  Anyway, I'm donating a framed print or two.  I'll post the matted and framed finished product once I have them.  I would have them finished but... I was going to donate one but then Michaels had frames, buy one get one free.  I went ahead and bought two and now I'm having to wait on that second print to arrive.  I'll stick with the theme for today and place blame on Michaels for not being more like Hobby Lobby and just selling their frames for a percentage off.

Now I'm off to the grocery store and I'm blaming Mom.  I'm making cookies for her and I need more butter.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

i don't really

know why I haven't posted anything lately.  Maybe it's because there's been so much going on, I haven't had time or know where to start.  Maybe it's because even though there's been a lot going on, it's just the regular old stuff that I haven't felt like stopping to type.  Maybe it's because I've been wanting to get out and explore with my camera but don't have anything.  Or, maybe it's because of all of the above... sprinkled with a little bit of the lazies.  Yes.  That's definitely it.

Let's see, to sum it all up:

- We were talking about a trip to Scotland but that's been postponed.
- We are now talking about a trip to Big Bend and are really just trying to pick a date.
- We have been talking about repairing our fence and adding a gate with a walkway.
- It is DEFINITELY allergy season.
- Cosme is working on his flying.
- Eric is working on his schooling.
- I am working on "whatever it is I do here", as Eric refers to it.
- I will be 42 on Saturday.
- Pets are exhausting.

On that note, I will try to be better with this blog.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

i've been

scanning my grandfather's slides.  While I've been scanning old ones to share with family, today I've been sidetracked.  Today I've been scanning his non-people slides and I've come to the conclusion that my grandfather would've been the perfect photography buddy for me.  I've scanned some that I'll have enlarged and whether printed and framed or on a canvas, they'll be displayed.  I've been playing around with a few too as far as color/black and white go.  I'll share some on here and if any family wants a print, I can send you the file.

Here's one I really like and might even try converting to black and white.

Here's another that I did convert to b&w.

And here's a sunset... makes me think he'd probably enjoy Instagram.

And that's all I've got for today.  Hey, I've got slides to scan.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

one thing that

frightens me about flying is being above the clouds.  I don't want to do it and until Saturday, we hadn't.  I was on my phone, not paying any attention to the scenery.  I usually like to watch for everything like the roads and landmarks just so I can keep up with where we are... and I announce it and verify it (because I like to be right).  So I looked up from my phone and this is what I saw.


At this point I put my phone away and started reading my book.  Anything to take my mind off where I was...

Monday, July 28, 2014

what can I

say?  I've been preoccupied.

But for right now the pool is good and we just got some swimming/floating time in, just in time for a front that's expected to hit tomorrow.  Maggie has her pool back.  Speaking of Maggie...

Saturday night, around 11:30, Archer was barking.  I sent Eric a text asking him to make it stop.  He let me know it wasn't going to stop because Maggie had a possum.  So Maggie caught a possum and apparently, as with most things, she wasn't about to share.  Archer wanted in on it so he was barking.  Here's where it gets a little interesting.  The possum wasn't dead, he was playing possum.  Long story short, I was sleepy and did what I always do when awaken by an animal... threatened to get rid of every pet we have.  By 12:30 Eric and his friend were outside with the dogs in their cage, trying to get the possum over the fence.  The possum decided to come to and ran up a tree.  At that point I didn't care because the dogs seemed to be over it.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet and got a good rest-of-the-night's sleep.  So the next morning I was in the backyard with Cosme and Maggie started barking... at the tree.  Then I saw it. 

That possum had stayed in the tree for the rest of the night.  At that point, Maggie was trying to jump up to get that thing.

 And if she couldn't reach it, she was determined to wait right there for it to come down.

Archer agreed, Maggie would do it.

Still waiting while Archer decided to see what the leaves were like.

I wasn't sure where the pellet gun was so Cosme did what he could to knock it out of the tree.  And just like that, Maggie scooped the possum up and was running around the yard with it.  I managed to run inside wearing flip flops with camera in hand and hopefully the neighbors were awake because I was screaming the whole way.

The pictures stop here because although it looks dead, the possum was alive... here, anyway.  Cosme eventually got it thrown over the fence and the dogs were locked up trying not to bust out to get it while I cleaned the blood off the back porch.  Then I started thinking how maybe it isn't so bad when the dogs bring dead grass snakes up to the back door.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i went for

a drive yesterday so I could scope out a location for some portraits that are coming up.  I was looking in Danbury and used my phone to snap a shot of a few places but then...  I found the cemetery.  Then the camera came out.  It's so hard for me to turn down a cemetery.  I didn't do any walking around but I saw one scene I knew I wanted.

This one:

Now to lighten the mood a little.  Here are a few more pictures of the dogs.


Archer not letting Maggie have one of her own

and a few together shots

Right now they're in a little trouble.  I found the latest chlorine floater in the yard... disassembled.  This morning I went and bought our fourth one.  (sigh...)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

like I mentioned

yesterday, I took a few pictures.  I've been preoccupied lately with this pool stuff going on.  OMG.  For about two weeks this pool was a total nightmare.  Seriously, our days have been revolving around this pool.  I know this started as a pool for the dogs and then turned into a "let's see if this is right for us" situation but last week I was ready to get rid of it.  IT WOULD NOT TURN BLUE.  We tried EVERYTHING.  We treated it for every possible thing and nothing worked.  It definitely wasn't algae.  The pool was clean, no slime and the readings of the water were right.  But something was messing up the water and we still don't know.  We finally gave up started over.  We're on the third day and I haven't made it out to test the water but I'm hopeful.

Here's how it looked last week

I promise.  There was no algae, as swampy as it looks.  On Tuesday I treated it for metals.  At first it seemed lighter on Wednesday but then I checked again.  We also upgraded the filter.

So, now with an upgraded filter and a fresh start, I'm hoping this works out better.  Also, all this has made us rethink an in-ground pool versus our plan of sinking an above-ground down a couple of feet.  We're still undecided.  (No surprise there, we're dealing with me after all...)

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.  Yes, it's dog pictures but sometimes I just can't help myself, especially when Maggie gets in the pool. 

Usually Maggie climbs up and jumps in from the side but yesterday she followed Eric up the ladder and jumped in.  Now if she would just keep doing that, it would be perfect.

I love watching her swim.  It's cute and she loves it.  When I took her for her shots a couple of weeks ago, everyone asked if she just got a bath.  I let them know that no, she had just gone swimming.  The vet thought it was great and would help her muscles.  That scares me a little.  She is already ONE STRONG DOG.

When we first discovered her climbing in the side of the pool (notice the paw prints on the side in this next picture) I knew I immediately needed to get her to use the ladder.  Ever since then she's at least been using the ladder to get out.

Archer, on the other hand, hates the water.   He doesn't know how to use the ladder but it doesn't matter.  The lifeguard queen is perched atop her throne.

 If he's going to be in the pool, he prefers to be in someone's arms or on a float.  And if he is in someone's arms, he usually has his head on their shoulders as if it's a plea to please get him out.

When they do get out, it's business as usual, galloping and wrestling.